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12/23/17 - Christmas Holiday Event + SALE

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Unknowncmbk, Dec 23, 2017.


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  1. Unknowncmbk Software Engineer

    Unknowncmbk Developer Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Sep 9, 2015
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    Christmas Holiday Event and Sale​

    Hello everyone,

    The past few weeks we've been listening to community suggestions in our Discord channel. With this Christmas Holiday patch, these changes will prepare us for the necessary balances and fixes required for Tier 3 and the new Profession. As we say goodbye to 2017, we would like to thank all the players that played Island Clash from Pre-Overhaul to Post-Overhaul! We will always be striving to create better and more enjoyable content, so please help us out and give us feedback!

    Reminder to join our Discord to participate in giveaways, teasers, and chat with the staff team and enjoy 30% off purchases on our store until 1st January.

    Santa's Little Helper
    There's been a sighting of the Claus above the Hub, but it seems some of his presents dropped out of his sleigh.
    One of the Presents, obviously hidden
    31 presents, one for each day of Christmas, have dropped into hidden places on the Hub. Right click to interact with these presents to claim it as found. Find all presents in one login session to get a nice Gem reward from Santa.

    Holiday Townhall
    The first building with an exclusive skin. This is a legacy skin and will only be purchasable during the Christmas Event.
    When the Overhaul came out, we preached that we would be adding exclusive building skins to add customization to your island. With the roles update, your members will also be able to help purchase these skins!

    The Christmas Townhall skin can be purchased on your island for 265 gems.

    To purchase your exclusive Townhall skin:
    1. Click on "Building Management"
    2. Click on "Town Hall"
    3. Click on "Change Skin"
    4. Find the Christmas Skin and click it to purchase it.

    Note: The Christmas Townhall skin is exclusive for the Christmas Event, and will not be purchasable after the event ends.

    Christmas Makeover
    The Hub, Wilderness, and your island all received makeovers this holiday.
    The Decorated Hub
    The decorations will remain on the server for approximately two weeks, and will come off the live server on January 8th. The staff team spent countless hours adding decorations to the server, so please thank them if you see them!

    Holiday Titles/Emblems
    If you hate Christmas, we have the perfect title for you!
    Has a big heart
    Added Seven Christmas Titles:
    - Grinch
    - Santa
    - Claus
    - Rudolph
    - Elf
    - Reindeer
    - Penguin

    Added Two Christmas Emblems:
    - 2016 Christmas Emblem (Snowflake)
    - 2017 Christmas Emblem (Snowman)

    Note: The Christmas Titles and Emblems are exclusive for the Christmas Event, and will not be purchasable after the event ends.

    New Island Roles
    Roles are now abundant, and adaptable to your island's needs!
    In case you want someone that can only war.
    - Added 5 new roles: Trial, Soldier, Knight, Captain, Architect
    - Trial ranks can be auto-kicked with new "inactivity" setting. Players that are inactive for 1 week will automatically be kicked from the island.
    - Peasant, Soldier, Knight are all aesthetic ranks, and can be used how the island sees fit. There's no new permissions for these ranks.
    - Nobles can now change the recruit status of the island, and change building skins.
    - Captains inherit Noble's perms, but can assign roles, kick members, and start wars.
    - Architects inherit Noble's perms, but can build/upgrade buildings, and forge schematics.
    - Commanders now can delete buildings, giving them all permissions (equal to the Emperor).

    Party Update
    Playing with friends, or finding an island is now easier, and cheaper!
    - Parties of 4 or more get islands for free!
    - Parties can now split the cost of an island, with unequal amounts, so it's easier to create an island.
    - Players must be a member of an island for 10 minutes before they can resign.
    - Players must be a member of an island for 20 minutes before they can be kicked.
    - Players can now click ACCEPT/DENY when getting a party invite, therefore parties are easier to create.
    - /party is now a command and it opens up the party menu.

    General Fixes/Balances
    In preparation for Tier 3, it's important to read these changes.
    - Voting within the first three days of the month gives a bonus vote token per vote.
    - Players now receive a message when they haven't voted for 24 hours.
    - Players will receive a better message when they are in danger of losing their voting streak.
    - The above messages/notifications can now be clicked to run /vote.
    - Monsters in the wilderness now will teleport back to their spawn if they wander too far.
    - Shops now show how long they have until they restock.
    - Attempts to fix the regeneration of health in Warfare, so wars aren't impossible.
    - Newly created islands have recruit status set to open.
    - Islands cannot change their recruit status until they are Island Level 6.
    - FAQ was updated to reflect how to get gold.
    - Chickens no longer spawn eggs.
    - Island Member lastLogin information is now correctly updated.
    - If a player opens up the order building menu, and has zero buildings to construct, a message will be shown to tell them how to get fragments.
    - Fixes issue with players and their armor/food not working after they have died in the Wilderness.
    - Fixes issue with alerts not working properly.

    Sale Sal and Christmas Sale
    Support Island Clash by purchasing gems, which can be used to buy exclusive Christmas Event gear like Titles/Emblems and the first Townhall exclusive skin. Enjoy 30% off purchases on our store until January 1st. All purchases come with a free Elf title.
    - Adds seven Christmas titles, Reindeer (purchasable with Vote Tokens), and others (purchasable with Gems).
    - Adds two Christmas emblems, Christmas 2016 Snowflake and Christmas 2017 Snowman.
    - Christmas Townhall building skin, the first exclusive skin for any given building. This can be purchased on your island, and now Nobles+ can purchase and change skins!
    - Added Bag of Gems (40 gems for 25 Vote Tokens) to Vote Pedro.
    - Removed Salty/Two Year Emblems.
    - Removed Blame/Clasher/Overhaul/Pedro titles.
    - Removed Pouch of Gems (20 gems for 15 Vote Tokens).
    - Cost to switch building skins have been decreased from 10 gems to 5 gems.

    This was a huge patch that took a lot of work to finish, and I would like to thank the entire staff team for helping out with this update!

    Thank you for your continued support. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and have a Happy New Year!
    - Island Clash Staff Team
  2. EverKola King

    EverKola Skilled Clasher

    Apr 7, 2016
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    i didn't like this new update sadly some of the bug fixes should have been fixed when the overhaul was released to keep players active and also a bunch of tag i however did like the elf tag cuz i have gone with the elf style almost all the way. but i guess this was mainly a hotfix/cosmetic update. i was kinda hoping fo something actually useful to appear in sale sals stock i guess i just overhyped it myself. time to quit again until the next update
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  3. ItzChill_ Skilled Clasher

    ItzChill_ Skilled Clasher

    Jan 2, 2016
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    This server is great, but island clash doesn't have any good partners. You guys should look into partnerships with big youtubers, or maybe even decent sized youtubers to start. This will really help spread the server. I remember back when you guys had preston and rob play on the server. The server was full of people and actually fun to play. Hope that happens again with a future partnership.
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