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Global Ninja Warrior

Discussion in 'Events' started by Beth, May 16, 2017.

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    Heya everyone!
    Welcome to Global Ninja Warrior. This event is an official event, created and hosted by some community members!

    Event teaser trailer created by @EnderBlock101 showcasing the event in all its glory!

    Take it away ~

    Island Clash’s biggest event yet, Global Ninja Warrior has landed, and what a ride this Summer will be! Before you head straight in, let us show why you should apply.

    Global Ninja Warrior (GNW), an official Island Clash event is a Minecraft parkour event inspired by hit TV shows, ‘American Ninja Warrior’ and ‘Sasuke’. From the show to the blocky screen, we have been inspired to recreate the best concepts and ideas of these shows into Minecraft – while of course retaining the jaw-dropping difficulty of the competition.

    Applications to the event will open on the release of this thread, 16 May 2017. Entries will remain open for just under 14 days, closing 29 May 2017 at 23:59 BST. Any application(s) sent after the submission date will not be counted.

    Will the event be too difficult for those who aren't skilled at parkour?

    We invite all Clashers to partake in the event, no matter what your experience in parkour is. Stages increase in difficulty as a competitor progresses, and with our training centre inspired by LadyBeth, competitors can pick up the skills they need to compete – no matter how good you are.

    How will we play and progress through each stage?

    Players will be able to book a run (only after applying) to each stage by requesting from a range of times found here on the events Discord server. From there, players will perform and be placed on the leaderboards, found here.

    Once you apply and get accepted you will be invited to the GNW discord and be provided with The Runners Handbook. This will explain in detail everything you need to know about the event, knockouts and scheduling in more detail.

    What can we earn from competing?

    Players, by competing will have the chance to win Gems (an important post-overhaul currency) at every stage during the event, with rewards scaling larger as competitors make it further. In total, there are over $500 worth of prizes for competitors to grab, so everyone has a chance at earning something.

    So apply – we look forward to seeing you there.

    Application Link
    Closes 29th May 23:59 BST
    Course Bookings and Availabilities
    The Knockout Board

    Any questions? Feel free to ask @Beth or @Medhi or email [email protected]
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