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Island Clash Overhaul Guide

Discussion in 'Rules and Community Guidelines' started by Jesscada, Oct 6, 2017.

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    Complete guide to Island Clash

    Here's a quick over view of Island Clash. If you want more information, choose a category at the bottom.

    First off, you are going to need gold. Travel to the Wilderness using Jorah the Explorer and kill mobs for gold and items. The gold you earn will let you buy items at Juggler the Smuggler and create your own island.

    If you choose to join an island, use the menu option in your hot bar and choose "The Islands". Follow the steps to join and/or create and Island.

    To build on your Island, you will need to collect stone from your mine, wood from the logging camp and fragments from mob drops in the Wilderness. Use the Forge on your Island to build and upgrade the buildings on your island. As the owner of an Island, you can promote the others on your Island.

    Leagues, a competitive war competition, last one month and Victory points gained from warfare are used to show where you will be placed. An announcement will let you know when Leagues start and end.

    Warfare is accessible from you Island. Choose the war option from your menu and join a queue for the next war. Win the war to collect gold, recourse and Victory points for your Island.


    What is Island Clash?
    Island Clash is a Minecraft server full of custom features, allowing player to compete with each other, make an island, unlock new buildings and much more.

    Island Clash is filled with exciting goals and adventures for you to complete, varying from winning leagues to maxing out each buildings level. You can become a powerful island peacefully, or crush your enemies. I’ll go into detail for each section as we go along.

    How do I connect to Island Clash?

    Connecting to Island Clash simple, follow these steps to join:
    • Open up your Minecraft Launcher
    • Make sure you're in 1.9.4 up to 1.12 and click play.
    • Click on 'Multiplayer' in the middle.
    • Click on 'Add server' at the bottom right.
    • In the top under 'Server Name' write 'Island Clash'.
    • At the bottom under 'Server Address' write 'play.islandclash.com'
    • Click on 'Done' at the bottom.
    • Double click on the newly created server icon (it should be called 'Island Clash').

    Island Clash is filled with different currencies used for different things.

    Gems are a new currency to Island Clash. You can purchase them at
    https://store.islandclash.com and use them at the in game store for many items! You can also get gems by voting and using the vote tokens at the voting shop or premium shop. More purchase options to come so keep a look out for the announcements!


    Gold needed to purchase items from the in game shops, such as on the islands and in the Wilderness. You can get gold from your island, killing in the Wilderness or right clicking the Gold Ore as they appear in hub.

    Islands are the foundation of Island Clash. Without them you can’t participate in most of the events or wars.

    How do I create an Island?
    In order to create your own island you need to have the correct amount of gold required, the experience bar symbolizes this.
    Once you have obtained enough gold follow these steps:

    • Right click the menu (clock) in your hotbar.
    • Click on ‘The Islands’.
    • Go inside the ship and talk to Captain Adama.
    • On the left there should be the option to create your island, click it.
    • You will see an anvil. Here, you can name your island. When finished click on the bottom right side of the anvil.
    • Your island should be created!
    Want a free island???
    • Create an island using the party option in your hot bar.
    • Have a party of 4 players.
    • These islands have an open recruit status for a certain amount of time but are free.
    You can also party with friends to make an island. Here's how:
    • Right click the Party (cake) in your hotbar.
    • Choose to create and island and add your members names
    • Each member of the party will need 250 gold if it a party size of 2 OR;
    • Each member of the party will need 125 gold. A minimum of 4 members are needed.
    • As the party leader, once the gold is gotten, open the party menu and create your island.

    How do I join an Island?
    You can join another island by doing /quickjoin, this will instantly make you join an Open island. Follow these steps to request to join another island.
    • Right click the menu (clock) in your hotbar.
      Click on ‘The Islands’.
    • Go inside the ship and talk to Captain Adama.
    • Click on ‘Explore’ at the right.
    • You will see many different eggs. Each one of these represents an island. Click on one to request to join. If the island is on ‘Open’ you will instantly join, if not you will have to wait.
    • If you would like to search for an island click on ‘Search’ at the bottom left. You can search by the name of the island or the name of the owner.

    How do I get to my Island?
    To load an island you can follow these steps:
    • Right click the menu (clock) in your hotbar.
    • Click on ‘The Islands’.
    • Go inside the ship and talk to Captain Adama.
    • On the left it should say ‘Load/Join Island’ click it.
    • You will be taken to a ship while your island loads. If you’re returned to hub just try again.

    Island Roles
    Islands have separate ranks to server ranks. Island ranks only work on the island, they give you different privileges such as accepting new recruits. Here is a list of every rank and what it can do:

    Emperor - Can do anything on the island.
    Trial - new island recruit, unless given a role can be auto-kicked with new "inactivity" setting. If inactive for 1 week with this role, they are automatically kicked.
    Peasant - Aesthetic rank, has no permissions.
    Soldier - Aesthetic rank, has no permissions.
    Knight - Aesthetic rank, has no permissions.
    Noble - Can change recruit status and building skins.
    Captain - Has Noble traits plus assign roles, kick members and start wars.
    Architect - Has Nobles traits plus can build/upgrade buildings and forge schematics.
    Commander - Can delete buildings and give permissions, equal to Emperor.

    You can promote someone by following these steps:
    • Right click the menu (clock).
    • Go to ‘Player Management’
    • Go to ‘Members’
    • Click on the player's head.
    • Click the option to promote.
    • Choose what you want them to be!


    The forge on your island is used with the fragments from the wilderness to build and upgrade your island buildings. Once you have enough fragments, wood and stone, select the forge and start building. As you collect fragments from mob kills in the Wilderness, they will be put directly into your Forge on your island.
    The first fragment is used to unlock the building. Once unlocked, the fragments needed to upgrade is equal to the level you are upgrading to.

    Fragments are obtained by the mobs in the following link: https://goo.gl/YtPn7Q


    Town Hall -
    Town Hall is the base of your island. The higher the level, the more players can join your island!
    Warehouse - Using the Warehouse, you need it to deposit the resources you have collected. The higher the level, the more resources you can store.
    Logging Camp - Talk to Bob the Lumberjack to buy an axe and start cutting down any tree on your island!
    Mine - Talk to Mini the Miner to buy a pickaxe and start mining ores!
    Weapon smith - You can buy different swords depending on the level of your weapon smith. Talk to John the Weapon smith to buy them.

    This section will be updated as more buildings are added.

    Building Skins
    Purchase building skins for your island suing gems. Mix and match skins as they are available or deck your whole island out with a set.

    • Click the Island menu in your hot bar.
    • Choose "Building Management"
    • Pick which building you want to buy the skin for.
    • Skins are purchasable with gems.

    Warfare lets you battle other islands and take their resources.

    How do I star a war?
    You can start a war from your island by following these steps:
    • Right click on the Menu (Clock).
    • At the left click ‘Warfare’.
    • You will be put into a queue to wait for the next available war.
    • Once found, a menu box will appear, click the emerald to accept the war.
    The items you have in your inventory will follow you to the war. Make sure you stock up on armor and weapons from the Wilderness!

    What do I do in Warfare?
    Warefare is an open battle field. Beat the enemy team to collect resources, gold and Victory points for your Island. On the right side of your screen, deaths and kills are shown for each team.

    Your island is always automatically reloaded for access to multiple Warefares in a row.

    What are Victory points?
    Victory Points symbolize your island's power. You get them from War.

    The Wilderness is an all PvP/PvE area where you can kill mobs to collect resources, gold, and level up your skills.

    How do I get to the Wilderness?
    To go to the Wilderness, follow these steps.
    • Right click the menu (clock)
    • At the far left, click wilderness. This will take you to Jorah the Explorer.
    • Right click Jorah and choose "Explore the Wilderness!"
    When you arrive at the Wilderness, you are in a safe zone which is an island. Here you can purchase weapons and food or travel back to Hub.

    What do I do in the Wilderness?
    Wilderness is a large Pvp/PvE area where resources can be collected. Fight custom mobs to gain gold, armor, weapons and other useful items. Certain mobs drop building fragments to build your island for Leagues.

    Travel back to spawn using Jorah the Explorer and buy swords and more at Juggler the Smuggler.

    When you first spawn, you are on an island that is a safe zone. Once leaving the island, PvP/PvE starts. Teaming is allowed. Weapons and armor do lose durability over time.

    Raise your skill levels by killing Mobs and other players. Skill levels are needed to wear or use certain items. Do /skill to see your stats.

    Skills and Profile

    What are Skill levels?
    Skill levels are an added degree to game play. Level up your skills in Agility, Defense, Melee, Mining, Ranged and Woodcutting to access unique items.

    The following are ways to get experience
    • Agility: Complete the parkour in Hub.
    • Defense: Gain exp when receiving damage.
    • Melee: Gain exp when dealing damage to entities.
    • Mining: Mine stone on your Island.
    • Ranged: Fire projectiles that deal damage to entities.
    • Woodcutting: Cut wood on your Island.
    Some skill levels depend on the profile you choose at the beginning of the game.

    Items gotten from the Wilderness stay with you and can be used in War. Remember, you need the correct skill set level to use the items.

    What is a Profile?
    Start off your new Island Clash experience with a Warrior class profile (more profiles to come later).
    Different skills have different max level stats, so choose wisely.
    The profession you chose sets the skills and max skill level you are able to get. Play, grind, and win to max out your skills per profession.

    Leagues are a competitive addition to Island Clash.

    About Leagues
    Leagues are a month long competitive war contest. Any Island can participate in a league regardless of their level. After each league ends, islands will be reset to give a fair advantage to all players. Each win division will be given a reward (Gold, Platinum, Diamond etc) at the end of the league.

    Voting at Pedro in hub not only helps the server, but also gives you tokens that you can exchange for gems! The more days you vote, the higher your vote streak and the higher chance of getting more than 1 token per vote.

    How do I vote?
    Follow these steps to vote:
    • Talk to Pedro at spawn.
    • Click the Nether Star to vote.
    • In chat, four links will appear. Click each link to go to 3 different voting sites.
    • Enter your IGN, prove you are not a robot and click to vote.
    Your votes give you tokens that you can save up and buy gems at the voting Shop. More items are to come in the future to spend your tokens on, so keep watch in the announcements!
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