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    Invictus Season 2 Roster

    Season 2 Roster Emperor Aiboh Emperor Only2feet Commander aryptic Commander Axeslayer Commander ElDeathly Captain IMuteI Captain INetherI Caribana ClumsyBlaze fastboy123451 Kepsky maybes Minepro897 MrMiner30000 Peconic RexRHS ShadowTan Suaveness The_White_Miner Thijz Valentinotyson Wasssabii...
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    How do I play?

    Hey, Grim! Welcome back to the community! Unfortunately, all data from previous years is long gone. However, the server is not dead! The server is currently in an "offseason" state, meaning competitive features are disabled. Due to this and a combination of bugs, most people are waiting for the...
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    Building Upgrade Guide

    This is a very descriptive building guide! Thanks for linking mine as well :D Will be sure to update the wiki with some newfound information ;)
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    Suggestion Some ideas to improve the server

    I also agree that that principle is overall bad for the server, but it's currently the only way for players to hold onto the game for more than a week at most. ( if they are casual players ) If there was more content available other than upgrading your island on the casual side, I would be in...
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    Suggestion Some ideas to improve the server

    I agree with some of these points and I disagree with others. The main issue I see with your first point about "speeding up the game" is that currently, upgrading your buildings and them taking a large portion of time is the majority of the casual part of the game. Speeding upgrade times up...
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    Guide for Unlockable Items

    These items / prices are subject to change at any time. I will try my best to keep them updated. In order to shrink the size of this guide, I will be referring to... Gold as G Physical Damage as PDMG Durability as D Physical Resistance as PR Quantity as Q Time as sec Weaponsmith Tier 1: Wooden...