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    hi fellow island member

    hi fellow island member
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    Recruitment The island Sparthen

    Hello! Sparthen is recruiting! Sparthen is an Island where its for competitive players and also for casual players, that's why the name is Sparthen. Half of the name is the Greek City Sparta where they did tons of war and the other half is also a greek city! Athens was the city where they were...
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    IslandClash - The History of Leagues

    Yay! I got 3rd twice :/ a little decent
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    1st ever

    Actually you're wrong. I personally got one 7 hours before you posted this thread.
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    My island

    Because, they deleted my video too. It's because your image wasn't uploaded to imagur, and it's because my video wasn't uploaded to YouTube :/
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    hackers r not cool

    When they remove your link because it's not uploaded to youtube. :confused:
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    hackers r not cool

    [link removed - if a video upload to youtube - if a photo upload to imgur or similar] this is why hackers aren't cool
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    I'm breaking a world record.

    My internet is too bad sadly. :(
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    Little Chat Game :)

    2, haha gl everyone! what number will YOU get?
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    Just a Winter

    Hi. Hope to see you on Island Clash someday! :)
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    Wow look, I'm on another person's profile!

    Wow look, I'm on another person's profile!
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    Hello Friends

    Hello! Alex I hope you have a great time on Island Clash! See you there. :)
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    I'm breaking a world record.

    Thank you so much dad