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    Island Clash Staff (Past and Present)

    well well well :o
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    SoulFire’s Season 1 Statistics

    You guys only login if there's over 8 of you. Calm down guys...
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    Can’t sign in

    This basically means the hub you are connecting to is Offline. It is an issue which is easily fixed and you can probably connect now.
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    Loving the concept

    Hopefully players return, it will be good fun to have large island wars again.
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    Suggestion Forums Suggestion

    Add this thing to forums so basically if you send for example 10 messages on the forums you get a “Member” rank and then 25 messages a “Semi Active Member” rank or whatever. Then add a leaderboard for “Most messages” etc
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    I am Diz!

    Welcome Diz to island clash :)
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    yeah I know, that's how I'm wondering how they are tier 3 lol
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    I’ve never even seen Arstotska and Tier 3 Ascendents??
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    Yes of course, this is a team game. If we are saying which island is BETTER. You have to base it on pvp. Not how organised you are.
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    Not my point? My point is that island clash wars are to see which island is better in pvp. You can't be the "best island in wars" if your doing unfair fights.
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    Your strength isn't pvp but your on about how good of an island you are IN WARS? My guess is your all about 10v2's.
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    cosmic army are 100x better than stronghold... they went 15:8 against them and had less numbers
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    “Were good”. Let’s talk.. In a fair fight - you haven’t beaten us once. As an island, we don’t play often. It’s just me, kingfisher, axely and LilArcher. However it’s rare that we are on at the same time. I’d be happy to go on another server and take a 3v3 or something!
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    Top Island Clash Staff

    Well, hopefully next month you can get a higher tier :)
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    2020.. it's time :)

    2020.. it's time :)
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    Top Island Clash Staff

    Ninjaz I forgot you, my bad. Next time you'll be top.
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    Honest Island Clash Tier List

    Seriously though.. let's redo this... Tier1: Soulfire Tier2: Imperium, CosmicArmy Tier3: Dutch, Vendetta, Udons, Royalty Tier4: Ak47, Stronghold, Orphic Tier5: Invictus, Reggin, Ascendents
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    Top Island Clash Staff

    December, 2019 Tier 1: Jakku, Ej, Madabing Tier 2: Thomas, Uncurse, Only2Feet, dasadavid Tier 3: Peconic, Winterfull, CaptainDanTheMan Tier 4: papers1999, InfamousJordan, ShadowTan (Put suggestions below or any changes you want made) Also if I forgot you let me know.
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    Suggestion 4 suggestions

    A few suggestions to improve the server: - Make attacking easier; it's almost impossible to win a solo war as you can't break the buildings in time. ( Increase the amount of damage you do to cruxes ) - Lower the prices on armor. (A diamond set costs 990 gold = 1980 resource = 120 minutes...