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    Suggestion Forums Suggestion

    Add this thing to forums so basically if you send for example 10 messages on the forums you get a “Member” rank and then 25 messages a “Semi Active Member” rank or whatever. Then add a leaderboard for “Most messages” etc
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    Top Island Clash Staff

    December, 2019 Tier 1: Jakku, Ej, Madabing Tier 2: Thomas, Uncurse, Only2Feet, dasadavid Tier 3: Peconic, Winterfull, CaptainDanTheMan Tier 4: papers1999, InfamousJordan, ShadowTan (Put suggestions below or any changes you want made) Also if I forgot you let me know.
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    Suggestion 4 suggestions

    A few suggestions to improve the server: - Make attacking easier; it's almost impossible to win a solo war as you can't break the buildings in time. ( Increase the amount of damage you do to cruxes ) - Lower the prices on armor. (A diamond set costs 990 gold = 1980 resource = 120 minutes...
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    Discussion on Conquests: Will we meet Jorah again? Will we be able to speed up the conquest time? Will the conquest map be the same? Will the entering islands be the same What has changed?