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  1. Peconic

    how to get gold

    Hey, To get gold in the game i recommend finding an island that says (OPEN) and join, once you join i would go to the mine/logging camp to collect resources and turn them in at the warehouse for a reward of gold. Parkour unfortunately doesn't give enough gold so that might not be the best...
  2. Peconic

    Linking Minecraft account

    Hey! Since the server closed down awhile ago and everything got reset, the server got bug fixes and problems within it. The server opened up in early December and we opened for a certain amount of time, there was some bugs acquired and we had to reset again we're happy to say the devs & staff...
  3. Peconic

    I agree 100%

    I agree 100%
  4. Peconic

    Low Player Activity

    Hey! The server is currently in pre-season we're in between seasons, there has been bugs that needed to be fixed and problems within the server that people were experiencing and we want the best experience for all players. We had to put up a poll of what people wanted and the majority wanted...
  5. Peconic

    War Strategies

    This guide is great, many players will find this useful on these great tips! Thanks for creating several guides, they will definitely be useful for the next season.
  6. Peconic

    Can’t sign in

    Hey, I would recommend restarting your game and your computer I think it might be a problem for everyone, I will forward it over to the devs.
  7. Peconic

    A through out guide for Island Clash Newcomers

    This is a great guide it will help many out, thanks for making it!
  8. Peconic

    New Player

    Since this question/issue has been solved, I will be locking this thread if you have any more questions feel free to create another post regarding your questions, or pm one of us! -Thread Locked-
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    Guide for Unlockable Items

    Great guide, thanks for making this it will definitely pay off!
  10. Peconic

    Best high five I had today

    Best high five I had today
  11. Peconic

    Everyone deserves a high five

    Everyone deserves a high five