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  1. Aiboh

    Invictus Season 2 Roster

    Season 2 Roster Emperor Aiboh Emperor Only2feet Commander aryptic Commander Axeslayer Commander ElDeathly Captain IMuteI Captain INetherI Caribana ClumsyBlaze fastboy123451 Kepsky maybes Minepro897 MrMiner30000 Peconic RexRHS ShadowTan Suaveness The_White_Miner Thijz Valentinotyson Wasssabii...
  2. Aiboh

    Guide for Unlockable Items

    These items / prices are subject to change at any time. I will try my best to keep them updated. In order to shrink the size of this guide, I will be referring to... Gold as G Physical Damage as PDMG Durability as D Physical Resistance as PR Quantity as Q Time as sec Weaponsmith Tier 1: Wooden...