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  1. 777IAmLucky

    2019 Christmas Presents Guide

    If you want to know all the present locations, watch the video. Pause if you need to! if quality is bad, watch it from youtube - it is 1080p
  2. 777IAmLucky

    Toxic Little Spit

    Hello, my name is Lucky. I’ve been playing minecraft for 8 years and I’d say im the best blocker ever! It all started playing xbox tutorials with my imaginary friends, but soon shifted to pc where i could play with 40 year old men! Now back in 2015 when TBNRFrags made an ic video, i played for...
  3. 777IAmLucky

    OneFoot will win every season

    As stated previously, this server will be kind of bad, but eh what can ya do? To clear the air, I am 777IAmLucky - the most bestest islond clash player ever! I am recruiting for OneFoot, and we need you! We are direct rivals with TwoFeet/Imperium(trash), and need more players to take them...