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  1. 777IAmLucky

    New Rank!

    Congrats! Its always great to see another member of island clash actively trying to be a part of the community!
  2. 777IAmLucky

    Bug/Issue The key fragments spawn in walls Very Often

    Most likely you just need to find it. It is annoying, but hitting f3 + b will find it. I have not seen one get stuck in a wall, sometimes they just shoot out. I have had one in logging end up behind warehouse. Just search the area!
  3. 777IAmLucky


    I was so happy this happened, but after I clicked this I started getting a lot of pizza sent from noone :rolleyes:
  4. 777IAmLucky

    Pre-Season update #3

  5. 777IAmLucky

    Recruitment Meliora Recruitment

    Ign: 777IAmLucky Discord: xQgamers#5603 Age: 16 Previous Islands: SoulFire Open to a PVP test: Yes Opinion on Sale Sal: Absolute Legend
  6. 777IAmLucky

    Content Team Applications

    I am still waiting on a reply for mine
  7. 777IAmLucky

    Tier List

    lol good list, SoulFire isn't on top though. I literally clapped their roster with my pinkie toe
  8. 777IAmLucky

    2019 Christmas Presents Guide

    If you want to know all the present locations, watch the video. Pause if you need to! if quality is bad, watch it from youtube - it is 1080p
  9. 777IAmLucky


    yikes, this is dissapointing bud
  10. 777IAmLucky


    imagine not being in OneFoot
  11. 777IAmLucky


    Yikes they think misspelling their IGN makes it an OG name
  12. 777IAmLucky

    Hey Ya’ll! *short girl has entered the chat*

    Cool, have fun on the server 🤖
  13. 777IAmLucky

    Stressing about school

    Stressing about school
  14. 777IAmLucky

    Hello from the OG Minimod

    Yikers, I’m afraid I have never heard of you. Welcome to Island Clash though.
  15. 777IAmLucky

    Toxic Little Spit

    Hello, my name is Lucky. I’ve been playing minecraft for 8 years and I’d say im the best blocker ever! It all started playing xbox tutorials with my imaginary friends, but soon shifted to pc where i could play with 40 year old men! Now back in 2015 when TBNRFrags made an ic video, i played for...
  16. 777IAmLucky

    Hello from the OG 'lady'

    Is this the forums equivalent to karma seeker
  17. 777IAmLucky

    The Forums are out!

    I know. Her eyes remind me of waterfall of niagara falls!!! I write poem for Bethy. Waterfalls are blue, Your eyes catch my two, But when I grew, You banned me too.
  18. 777IAmLucky

    The Forums are out!

    when release dates?
  19. 777IAmLucky

    OneFoot will win every season

    As stated previously, this server will be kind of bad, but eh what can ya do? To clear the air, I am 777IAmLucky - the most bestest islond clash player ever! I am recruiting for OneFoot, and we need you! We are direct rivals with TwoFeet/Imperium(trash), and need more players to take them...
  20. 777IAmLucky

    The Forums are out!

    are the forums out yet?