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  1. JakkuTV

    Woodcutter sound 30 min

    Last I recall I am a mod not a developer, Mods don't fix the server
  2. JakkuTV

    Woodcutter sound 30 min

    As per request from some strangers and Beth
  3. JakkuTV

    Suggestion Nerf Strength Potions

    Hi Dartanman. I was experiencing the same problem with being 3 hit, could you provide me detail if youre armor hit 0 durability during the war, or if anything else that you think might have triggered the effect. Thanks.
  4. JakkuTV

    We need the good ol days back ;(

    We need the good ol days back ;(
  5. JakkuTV


    Hey guys, wanted to improve off my last post I learned a lot. nice to meet u all im jakku but i did it mom, im mod now :)
  6. JakkuTV

    Island Crash 2: Electric Boogaloo

    The true hero Island Clash needs
  7. JakkuTV

    Recruitment Ascendants Island Recruitment

    Hello everyone. Not many of you know me, but honestly that dosen't matter. As you know, other Alpha Testers and staff, who know how the game is played already are setting up and recruiting for islands. So, I have decided to enter the competition and make my own island as well. At this time, I...
  8. JakkuTV

    Little Chat Game :)

    Weird that's not a number vyre, but yea 34