Appeal a Punishment

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Appealing a Punishment

If you have been wrongfully punished or just wish to have your punishment revoked then you can appeal here. This thread contains the format and information which is essential for when making an appeal whether it be In-Game or Discord

Thread Title Format

Titling your appeal correctly depending on your situation is extremely important. We do not strictly require you to follow these, but it would also mean your appeal will be looked at faster than others due to back end efficiency, which is to your advantage.

Falsely banned or muted? Make sure to include the "False punishment" thread prefix!

Appealing false ban for Insert punishment reason

It’s rather simple!

Appeal Format


IGN (In Game Name):
Screenshot of your ban screen / mute message:

Why were you punished:

Why should we remove your punishment:

Discord name & ID:

Ban Reason:

Why should we unban you:

Important Information;

- If your punishment is a ban, please use the IGN which you last logged into the server with.

- If you don’t follow the format you may be denied.

- You can only appeal punishments which are over 1 week in length. However if you were falsely punished then you may appeal.

- The more detailed you are the higher the possibility of you being unbanned. If there is any information that will help with the decision then state it in the appeal.

- You can appeal your punishment two weeks after your most recent appeal. If you appeal before the two weeks have past then it will be instantly denied and you will then have to wait another two weeks until you can appeal again.

Have any questions and or concerns? Feel free to message me on the forums or Discord. I’d be happy to help! Good luck!
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