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Content and QA team

The content team is for those who have knowledge and ideas about how to make Island Clash better, whether that be adding new content or evolving the current content. Being on this team means you will be actively participating in quality assurance sessions, meetings with management and creating, brainstorming and researching ideas with other members on the team. If you apply for this team you are applying because you want Island Clash to succeed, if that's not the reason then simply don't apply!

The application consists of a few questions and one design question. We need to know if you're up for the job so you will be asked to design or alter a current feature to improve game play.

Applications are currently open.

Requirements and things to note:
  • This is a role. Not a rank or a staff position. The only thing that will be given is a tag on the discord so you are added to the correct groups.
  • Not many people will get in, we really need people who think outside the box.
  • You can and will receive constructive criticism from other team members on how your idea doesn't work/does work. It is up to you on if you take this on positively or not.

The Application
Please copy and paste this into your application here and answer the questions asked of you.

What is your IGN and Discord?

How long have you been playing Island Clash for?

How would you categorise your play on Island Clash? Casual, small group competitive or large group competitive:

What qualities do you have that you can bring to the team?

Your first project on Island Clash, what is the feature which needs the most work?

Now, create a design which improves upon this feature. Please also state the positive changes as well as the negative changes that this creates.
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