Defensive placements and attacking bypasses

As with any guide this thread is subject to change:
Warning: This guide does not detail the coordinates to place buildings to block spawn 1 or the bridges it only shows the "choke points" and "bypass points" where players have to go to in order to get past these points to the center of the island, this can help to both help attackers bypass blockages and defenders to block more effectively.

With all building placements ensure that you can still access the villager who trades equipment before building it.

Overview: There are 7 placeable buildings: weaponsmith, armory, fetchers, wizard tower, alchemists, tower and war camp. Each of these can occupy just under the size a minecraft chunk in width and length (16*16, so they are usually 14*15 or something close to it) with height differing by level.
The only exception is the War Camp, which I advise not to use for anything but relatively flat places, as it is easy to climb, especially with blocks surrounding it. Its placement is also really hard to place as the main structure is far away from where the crafting table is placed, and the other structure which is built is only done so at higher levels, meaning that you must rebuild it from level 1 and upgrade it again each time you get the placement of the secondary structure wrong. All Structures have a 4-block deep foundation (blocks are placed 4 blocks below the crafting table when the building is built)
The tower is another exception to the 15*14 size, instead it is an 8*8 structure, but it is also uniformly shaped unlike other structures and it does not change much when upgraded (only gets taller), making it easier to place.
Choke points are points in which the attacker must pass through in order to get to a specific area, whilst bypasses are routes to go around blockages, these are often the same things in war as bypasses are often found in congested/blocked areas, meaning that they are often quite small paths which defenders don't spot, so they also become choke points if every other path is blocked.

Blocking Spawn 1:
Spawn 1, more commonly known as the spawn point by the sea/at the bottom of the cliff, is the easiest to partially block off, as it is the most confined. It is also apparently(not confirmed) the default spawn point when the attackers just started their attack and when there is only one person attacking, they will always spawn there at the start the war.
There are 2 paths up the cliff face, one right in front of the spawn point, another to the right when looking from the spawn point. Long story short, the right-hand path requires one well-placed building to block it, the main path requires at least 2 to block completely.

Main Path Choke Points/Bypasses:
1Stairs (straight from the spawn point)

1Gravel Path (to the left of the stairs)

Side path leading back to main part and vines (right of stairs), you only need to block the place where my cursor is pointing to block this off, that's if blocking it off down here is necessary)

1Gravel jump (on top of the gravel stack shown in Gravel Path photo, there is also another gravel stack in the photo above that leads to leaves on a tree that may be able to get past your bulidings but it is less important as it goes straight over the main path, and its easy to block if you are already blocking the main path (stairs) as most buildings are tall. Also, you can get to the ledge where my cursor is pointing by going to the leaves just up the cliff from that ledge, and by getting to it you can climb to the left of the main path, which once you climb a bit further up, becomes quite open.)

2Vines (if you dont block it either here or block the side path leading to it, the path past this point is open and so is much harder to block.)

2To main path from side one (the same place as where the vine photo was taken, left: part of the main path, right: way to get back to it from side path. This is the only way to get back once up on the side path)

Side Path Continuation (this shows a way to not use the main path or the vines, although it goes quite close to the main path, and leads to the same place as the vines (the vines are where my fist is) meaning that it is rarely used)
After counting all the ways you can go up that side of the cliff, there are some suggestions on how to block it:
1. You could try to block up the Gravel path and Gravel Jump and Stairs with one building (although not side path, I have tried and am unable to block both gravel path and side path with one building as EVERY building in any orientation is too narrow, although it is easy to block the staircase.)
2. Then place a building in the area with the vines and the area back to the main path.

This completely blocks up the main path, but it may be too risky for you to put a building where the vines and the side path, as it is a small area and so when built you may not have access to the trading villager for equipment. Luckily there is another method, but this requires 3 buildings. Also, this other method does not interfere with the first method much, so if you just screwed up the placement of the building blocking the gravel path and staircase it shouldn't matter too much:

This method does not block specific choke points like the first one, but the 3 paths up this side of the cliff. One building should be placed on the ledge mentioned in the description of the Gravel Jump, fairly easy as it is away from any obstructions to block access to the building, but also the ledge could be seen as a choke point by itself, although no way up it is forced, only severely limited. The next is the main path, which should be blocked anywhere after the side path connects back to the main path, it doesn't really matter where as long as it does the job. Finally, the last building should be placed so that it blocks both the Vines and the Side Path Continuation, and is easier to access as it can be placed on top of the vines so that it is not so obstructed by the cliff face, and should fairly easily block these two paths up.

Both of these methods completely block up the main path with the right implementation, and so are just as good as each other, with each having some minor advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Right-Hand Path
There are only 2 paths to get up at the bottom, and 3 at the top:
However I will not show the other ones as a tower can be placed in which both these paths are blocked and the tower is still accessible to the defensive team (not that many would want to access it when its in that location), and it is much harder to block the other 3 as they would require 2 buildings to block completely.


There are two bridges, one leading to the town hall, and the other connecting the log camp and warehouse to the mine, both have a similar design .

My opinion is that it is not necessary to block up either bridge as the one leading to the town hall often isn't crossed unless the defense team is in a dire situation, eg easily outnumbered/outmatched with gear or skills, or they only have their town hall left, as it leads to the defensive teams spawn point, and although it could be useful at slowing attackers down, with and island in the middle of the river, crossing it becomes much quicker. With the other bridge, both sides, attacking and defensive teams use it both ways, so although you could block up this bridge, which would slow the attackers down more than the defenders, but it also often leaves your defenders stranded on the mine side (as the mine is the place which is most often attacked at the start of war) whilst the attacker just re-spawned at the logging camp.

If you wish to block up the bridge to the town hall, be wary of the tree on the island in the middle of the river as attackers can get to it via some leaf parkour. Also, don't block it up too close to your side of the river as the attackers can just jump down to the bank below without even touching the water. With the other bridge, build the building wherever you like just make sure it isn't too close to your side again. Also, I would advise not using the tower here as the placement can be a bit hard, especially with the stone slab rim at the base of the tower, which can be used by both sides to get around it if placed badly.

Creating your own choke point:
If you find that using your buildings to either block bridges or spawn 1 isn't worth it, you can consider using them to create your own choke point, however this would only be good for sniping attackers, not for slowing them down:
You could simply put two buildings as close as possible, creating a two block wide gap, which you can aim down to easily snipe any enemies coming through it, this works best between the warehouse and town hall, as it is nice and flat and it is a straight line of blocks (not diagonal) from the warehouse to the town hall, meaning that attackers will often go between two buildings to get there quicker.

Please reply expressing your thoughts on these methods and considerations to help develop this thread


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