Discord Rules

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Discord Rules

As you can guess by the title of this thread we have a Discord!! This is a great way of communicating with other players and your Island members so you can talk and talk strategy when going to war or just when pottering about your island! We want everyone who joins our Discord to feel welcome so we have some rules to help this happen. Anything that is punishable in-game is also punishable in Discord, these listed below are specific to the Discord:

Discord Invite = https://islandclash.com/discord

Please be aware that these rules, and the sanctions for the rules, are entirely at the discretion of the Island Clash team. They may be changed or updated at any time without notice. If you believe a staff member is abusing their role please contact @Beth about this privately.

Respect other users:

- Please use headphones when in voice channels. Hearing a conversation twice because someone is echoing is annoying.

- Don’t use voice changers, soundboards or play bursts of loud music.

- Don’t spam messages or @group tags and don’t spam join and leave channels excessively (Channel hopping).

- Never record the channel without consent from everyone in the channel. Except when for rule breaking.

- You are allowed to swear but be aware and considerate of others in the channel/chat. If you get asked to stop/tone it down by anyone, stop/tone it down.

- Do not harass other users, including posting personal pictures without consent, or use vulgar/discriminatory language of any kind, even if they are your friend. Staff do not know if someone is your friend or not, so just don't use this language at all.

- Any conversation must be appropriate for all ages allowed on Discord. This also applies to the reactions feature of Discord and any images.

General Rules:

- No advertising other Discord groups or servers in public, do this in PM if needed. This also includes Youtube and Twitch videos/streams

- Do not argue or start drama in any way, whatever the reason

- Keep chat relevant to the channel you are chatting in (e.g. take random memes to #random rather than #suggestions)

- Please, only STRICTLY use the staff (group) tags (Mod, Admin, Manager etc) when it is a very serious emergency, do NOT use them for simple game suggestions or questions at all. If there is an emergency only tag once, do not spam them (e.g. only tag mods if there are major spammers in game who keep coming back). You can ping individual staff members, but obviously don't overuse this.

- You are only allowed to play music via the music bot already in the server.

Nicknames and avatars:

- No inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive words/content

- Don’t impersonate Management / Staff / VIP’s and/or other players. This can be something as simple as changing your name to theirs and trying to convince players you are a member of staff/having your name as another player while posing as them. This also includes having staff titles, i.e. [Mod] in your nickname.


- Posting a link to screamers, pornographic content, gore, phishing/scams, virus’ or any other inappropriate content will result in a severe punishment.

- Any suspicious link will be deleted

In-game chat rules:

Spamming: Repeating the same or similar message over X amount of time.

Excessive Caps: Sending a message(s) using an excessive amount of capital letters.

General Rudeness: Being intentionally rude towards others.

Arguing: Excessive arguing in public chat.

Drama starting and or contributing to it.

Advertising: Youtube channels/videos. Twitch Streams not streaming Island Clash. Recruiting / mentioning other Minecraft servers.

Vulgar Language: Including Rudeness, Harassment, Inappropriate / Sexual / Abusive language or behaviour.

Threats: Such as DDoS, DoS, Dox or death threats towards staff or the server. It doesn't matter if these are jokes or not, they are still threats.

Discrimination: Any Racist, Sexist or Homophobic insults and slander.

Scamming: Unapproved Transactions and posting content intended to compromise accounts.

If you don’t cooperate with these rules you will be punished according to the offence.
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