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Basically, a couple of weeks ago I was finding easter eggs with the help of fralitheboss and shadow, I bought a 14-day rank for the double jump to help me find the easter eggs, but did not get all of them as I had to leave the server before I could. At some point after, I refunded my rank while Thijz was online and he reported the refund bug that we found, but I am uncertain as to whether this incident was before or after I collected the 50 gems for finding all the easter eggs. Since then, I have been finding all the easter eggs without a rank (for no reason at all), have come to memorise their locations, and have started speed-running the hunt (also for no reason, but my best is 6:50), but have not got any extra gems for it.

Today, I bought the 30-day rank and then helped Bryanthegingerkid find all the eggs, I recieved another 50 gems while I had this rank for finding the easter eggs with him. Since then I have refunded my rank and tried to find the easter eggs again (clearly for testing purposes and no other motive), and got no extra gems, I have also re-bought the 30-day rank to limit the amount of exploitation I am telling you all about, and tried to find all of them again (again: no ulterior motive :p).

Basically there's a glitch please fix it, or just get rid of the easter hunt as it is no longer relevant, and don't take away my free 50 gems and 30 mins of rank please :p


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This isn't a bug and is intended to be like this. Every time the hub resets it will allow players to do the egg hunt again and receive the reward.

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