Ezicol [Recruiting]


New Recruit
Apr 29, 2019
Hi! I'm assuming that because you're here, you're here to either nail the application template or read.

Well, good news! I have the application template down a few lines and you're reading this right now.

If you've heard of or been a member of 'The Risk Takers' (an old island from before the reset), I hope you'd be able to join.

I am intending on Ezicol to have multiple intellectuals and hopefully a few from the PvP community.

Not much to say; here's the template:
  1. (1 - 10) How active would you consider yourself?
  2. (1 - 10) How organised would you think you are?
  3. (1 - 10) How knowledgeable on Minecraft would you be?
  4. (1 - 10) How knowledgeable in general are you?
  5. (1 - 10) How experienced are you in PvP?
  6. DESCRIPTION/ELABORATION ON SOME QUESTIONS (you do not have to answer this)
  7. Star Wars/Star Trek fan? (you do not have to answer this)
  8. I am thinking that the name of the island should be either 'The Risk Takers' (y'know, keeping the old island alive.) or 'Ezicol'. I am currently not open to any suggestions, though that may change in the future. (you do not have to answer this)
There'll be a discord link soon. There, you may find other conditions and rules you must abide by.

Hopefully, I'll be seeing you on the launch of Island Clash. Bye!