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Feb 24, 2019
1) What version of IslandClash were you sold? Is IslandClash going completely back to pre-overhaul or will some elements of post-overhaul be retained?
We are currently working with post-overhaul, whilst this may sound disappointing to many of you, the quality of code for post-overhaul allows for a much more efficient addition of features, and is just overall better. Therefore, we will be keeping the code of post-overhaul. Maintaining this higher standard code allows us to utilise some of its systems, such as custom items, whilst developing the pre-overhaul features we want to bring back.

2) What is the current ETA for release?
We do not have a definitive date for release, yet! However, we are looking at approximately 1-2 months before a full release, we may open the server to beta testing before then. Any beta signups will be made available on our forum, and any announcements will be made in Discord if and when we decide upon Beta testing and release dates.

3) Will our Gold and other in-game currencies get carried over?
No. We made the decision that the “new” IslandClash should be a complete restart for players, whilst some of you may be disappointed, we want to have a fresh start. This will ensure that there is an even playing field for all players.

4) What will happen to our previous ranks and purchases we made?
Ranks and purchases made prior to the server shutting down will unfortunately not be transferred. However, we will be offering a huge sale at the launch of up to 75% on all ranks and all old players will receive an exclusive emblem.

5) Will the moderation team start from a clean slate and will everyone have to re-apply if they want to become a moderator?
The moderation team will not carry over, you will have to re-apply if you were previously staff. However, you will recognize that some familiar faces already joined the senior staff team, namely Beth as Community Manager, David and Only2Feet as Admins. We will be opening staffing applications closer to the time of launch, so if you are interested, keep your eyes out for Beth’s post!

6) What are the areas of improvement you want to bring to IslandClash down the road?
We intend to bring back and then optimise the pre-overhaul state of IslandClash as well as making sure the whole system run's smoothly without any bugs.
Once this has been achieved we will look at ways to expand and improve the content of IslandClash while still retaining the core gameplay that the community has come to love. We will also be looking to ensure that IslandClash is accessible to all players, no matter their skill level, and that everyone can play and enjoy IslandClash without getting put off. However, we also want to ensure that for those players looking for a challenge and who want to play competitively that they have the chance to do so at an intense and rewarding level.
We understand the importance of the community aspect of IslandClash and thus will intend to improve and interact regularly with the community and take seriously your suggestions as well as giving clarity on our intentions with IslandClash. Finally, we plan to grow the community once again to a sustainable size that allows the server to thrive once again.

7) How open will you be with the community in regards to upcoming releases and future roadmaps?
We are a community first and foremost, at launch we will be actively listening to community feedback on both new and old features. We plan on making sure that we find a perfect balance that both old IslandClash players can love, and new players that have not previously played the game, can enjoy.

8) What sort of release schedule are you currently planning once the server has launched again, in terms of updates etc?
Possibly the biggest difference to how you will be seeing updates from our team, instead of random updates and drops, we will be launching with seasons. Each season will run for approximately 2-3 months (we have yet to finalize this decision) and at the beginning of each season we will release any major updates. Throughout the season we will proactively listen to the community and where it's deemed appropriate we will make any balance changes, QOL or any other minor changes. However, any major updates like new buildings and expansions etc will all be announced and released at the beginning of each season.

9) Will IslandClash at all be affected by or have any relationship to Clash of Islands?
Nope. Zero. Nada.

10) Will the overhaul building system and fragments be removed?
Yes it will be removed. Before and after exploring first hand we agreed that this system was tedious and unnecessary. The idea was great, but it slowed down gameplay so much that it wasn’t enjoyable. We would like to make use of the fragment system in the future, just not with buildings!

11) Will the wilderness be removed?
Yes, we came to the conclusion that the wilderness was too complicated for new players and did not add anything valuable to the main gameplay of the server. Therefore we have decided to remove it for the time being.

12) How do you plan to keep IslandClash active with a healthy player-base and bring new players?
Our primary focus for Season 1 will be to work on bringing the game you all loved back online, however, the Season system will allow for us to actively listen to the community and adapt as we continue forward. This means we can implement “noob” friendly features to help them at the beginning while also sustaining a strong competitive aspect for those looking for a challenge. This allows us to structure promotion from YouTubers with seasons and also bring new players in who want to start afresh with everyone else.

13) Will Conquest return? How will Conquest and the Wonder be changed - will it be made more significant?
Although Conquest will not be active straight away upon relaunch we will be returning the much loved gamemode within the first couple of weeks once people have settled into IslandClash again. Conquest is meant to be an intense gamemode for top tier islands, and thus we want to give players time to develop their Islands first before activating Conquest.
We are also looking for ways to make Conquest more significant by fixing and changing the Wonder to make it a more important feature within gameplay.

14) Will pre overhaul be optimized before launch and will there be Quality of Life (QOL) changes prior to release - i.e such as muting the woodcutter.
The gameplay team (made up of several ex-players and new players to IC - thus giving a fair representation) are already assessing what QOL changes that should be made before launch. However, throughout each season the team will also be assessing and listening to player feedback to ensure that if a QOL change is needed before the end of a season then that update can be made within a short timeframe (we are looking about 5-7 days to allow for PBE testing and then push to live servers).

15) Will degradation be reintroduced?
We understand the importance of degradation in the IslandClash system, although, we also see how it can dishearten more casual players and turn them away from IslandClash. Therefore we plan on reintroducing a scaled-down form of degradation that gives the possibility of large consequences for losing wars while still allowing casual players to not get dominated and making sure they are not prevented from making progress.

16) What versions will the server be running on?
We will be most likely be launching with 1.9.4 and forwards compatibility, and looking to upgrade as we move forward. We won’t be using the pvp hit cooldown added with 1.9.

17) Are there gonna be new civilisations, items or buildings?
When we first launch, no, we are focusing on bringing back the game we all love as a top priority, new features, cosmetics and buildings will all come in future updates.

18) Will we be hosting custom events, weekends etc.?
Yes, server and community events have already been designed, small and large. However these won’t be released upon launch as they are not top priority.
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