Hey Ya’ll! *short girl has entered the chat*

I’m Shortie,
and in case your wondering “hmm I wonder if she’s actually short” The answer is Yes! I’m fact, I’m not even 5 ft (4’11 to be exact)
I am 16
A devout member of Stronghold where btw we Will make our mark on the upcoming seasons I promise you that.

I love playing Minecraft and making great friends in the process!
But besides that, my passions are in Music (I play violin) and Baking!

I’ve missed islandclash over the time it’s been down and can’t wait to play along with everyone again!



Staff member
What kind of music do you play? ^^

Also, i love how you just made your name represent your height :p

Anyyyhow! Because i always want to mention this! Hope you have fun on Islandclash! ^^
For violin I mostly just play classical, things like movie soundtracks and folk tunes are super fun too, I'm pretty well known for being short!😂😅 thanks for making people feel welcome and you have fun too!