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Hello and welcome!

By looking at this guide I'm assuming you want to apply to be a moderator here on Island Clash! Let me tell you a bit about what the role entails; providing assistance for players who have questions or issues with the server, processing reports made by players on the forums, being involved within a friendly team which thrive on communication and team-play, giving your input towards game-play designs and enforcing rules set out by management.

The first step is to write your application. Island Clash doesn't have the standard application process, we don't have a template to follow unlike others. I have found that challenging people to push themselves in writing an application with no template, works well for finding staff! If you’ve never wrote an application before, don’t worry below will be some questions to get you started! I would appreciate if you don't copy and paste another servers application format and use it for your application. Challenge yourself and don't use a set template, it will look better for you!


- The age requirement for applicants is 14 and over.

- You can apply for Moderator 8 weeks after your most recent submission (unless otherwise stated) If you apply again before the 8 weeks have past, your application will be denied and you will have to wait another 8 weeks. So make sure you double check!

- Once you have submitted the application here It should take no longer than 2 weeks to get a response.

- If you ask a member of staff to look at your application for tips, anything you could improve/add it will be instantly denied. However if it has been over two weeks and you have not received a response you can message myself (Beth) or an Admin) here on the forums or Discord. You will get a response to your application even if you are denied. It may have got lost amongst all the other apps!

- If your application is too long to fit into the thread, split it up and post the other parts as replies to the main thread!

When posting your application you will be asked for information which is needed for your application. So you don't need to include this anywhere else.
(Information will be, IGN, Age, Timezone, Ability to record MC, Ability to use voice chat)
Where do I put my application?

Please note that these are starting details, not the whole application. After answering these you write your application. This is so important details which are needed when considering your application can be accessed/seen very easily.

Don't know where to begin?

Talk about past experience moderating, what skills you have that the team could benefit from and why you want to be a mod on IC!

Good Luck

Have any questions and or concerns? Feel free to message me on the forums or Discord. I’d be happy to help! Good luck!


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