how to get gold

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i cant get gold not from other islands there is only one and is full and i thot of the parkour does it give gold idk i cant get past stage 4 gold from spawn nope only got 7 gold in 30 min what do i do quit like almost the rest?


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To get gold in the game i recommend finding an island that says (OPEN) and join, once you join i would go to the mine/logging camp to collect resources and turn them in at the warehouse for a reward of gold. Parkour unfortunately doesn't give enough gold so that might not be the best choice to get enough gold that you want! One thing that would be really beneficial to you is to join the IslandClash discord where there is updates, polls, and more so you can ask any questions or if you want to see new updates posted! (Even though you can find big server updates of here also). If you have any other questions please PM one of the staff members or ask it on here/discord.

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