How to Mine/Chop effectively

As with any guide this thread is subject to change:

Firstly, which tool works best and for which town hall level?

town hall 1: wood, as it is the only tool, also you cannot use your fists to mine wood, if you need gold for an axe or a pick because you just joined do /daily for free gold

town hall 2: stone, just better durability and faster, although it is much more expensive, it saves time and inventory space, also a wood pick can barely mine iron (although it still gives you 2 stone).

town hall 3: this is where things become more complicated:

Mine: with the introduction of gold ore, a stone pickaxe is now much slower to mine than an iron one, but iron has a lower durability to cost ratio by over 50% (its 50% worse than stone, or stone is 33% better) as it doubles durability but over triples the price. I find that the easiest solution is to have two picks, one iron and one stone, and mine gold with the iron, and everything else with stone, making room for both speed and less gold spent buying tools, as gold ore is quite rare so it will take time to go through the iron pick.

Logging Camp: even though there is one extra wood block to mine, the stone axe can mine fast enough for all the logs to be mined before another log re-spawns, and has a better durability to price ratio to iron, so there is no need for the iron axe.

town hall 4:

Diamond all the way: fastest at breaking blocks and best durability to gold cost ratio (just over 10 durability to 1 gold) while stone is a bit lower (almost 9 durability to 1 gold). Unless you are really money hogging and still chose wood instead of stone at town hall level 2, in that case, wood is still better at 29 durability per gold, however diamond will still get you gold much faster than wood just because of the speed and the ability to mine much better ores.

After getting the right equipment, the only way to improve is to break blocks faster:

Logging Camp: if you find that your axe is too slow for you to finish the last block before another re-spawns, then you are probably inefficient in the way you break the blocks.

Firstly, when you first break the blocks, do it as fast as possible, so that when they re-spawn, they also re-spawn at the same rate you can break them, so that you don't have to wait between each re-spawn.

Secondly, you can split up the place where the wood is into two sections, and most people choose to go in and out of these sections to mine the logs, however, if you want to be faster, you can actually mine the 4 logs in a row from outside their compartment.
See below:
Minecraft Woodcutter.png
Finally, you can start breaking the blocks prematurely, so that when the logs re-spawn, you can break them again almost instantly and therefore allowing them to re-spawn faster. Also, don't worry if you break the wooden plank as your axe looses no durability from it, so just hold the LMB until it has re-spawned and you have broken it, then move on.

The Logging Camp, no matter the level, only ever needs 1 person on it to be 100% efficient, as long as that person has the right tools and knows what they are doing.

Same with the logging camp, break blocks as soon as you see them, no matter the ore (but see my Redstone/Lapis paragraph for town hall level 4), this allows other, potentially more valuable, ores to spawn, as each mine has an ore limit.

The best place to mine stone is at the bottom of the mine, where you don't have to move very far and can clearly see any that have re-spawned, and also don't have to go up an annoying staircase every time, but make sure to bring spare pickaxes unless town hall 4, as those wood/stone ones break easily, and it can be a long trek up.

Keep in mind that when you upgrade a mine, the ores will not spawn at their usual rate unless the island is reloaded. It is not a bug, it is a feature (probably).

Undoubtedly the most annoying ore to break is Lapis/Redstone. For those who don't know, when you upgrade your mine to level 4, it is able to spawn redstone, which acts as a place-holder for lapis, meaning that once redstone spawns, lapis can spawn on it, it is really rare for lapis to spawn before redstone (but it can happen). After Lapis has spawned it usually takes a few seconds before it reverts back to redstone. What is most annoying is that redstone can take either less than a second, or an indefinite amout of time (at least over 3 minutes, I couldn't be bothered to wait for longer) to turn to lapis, even when just spawned (Lapis can take from less to a second to over a minute to turn to redstone as well). Also, Lapis only gives 8 stone, so it is much easier to mine 2 gold ore or 4 iron ore.

How to deal with it:
Tbh just mine it whether it is redstone or lapis, however if you see lapis just turn into redstone, wait a few seconds, more often than not, it will turn back to lapis again within that time. This is mainly because it is stopping other ores from spawning.

The Mine can have any number of people as I have never seen a mine completely void of any ores, but try to have sections where people work, like at the bottom, on the N-S staircase or E-W staircase, so that people don't have to move around as much and can focus more on the mining rather than moving. Of course, if you have enough people to do 1 per spawn block so they don't have to move that would be ideal, and then they could mine the block prematurely like with the logging camp to be completely efficient.
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