In-Game Rules

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In-Game Rules

These are our rules for in-game; fail to follow and you will be punished accordingly. These rules can and will be changed at anytime so please make sure you are up to date. Below are also the Approved Mods, if you would like any mod to be added to the list, please message myself @Beth or any of the admins and we will look into it for you!

Please be aware that these rules, and the sanctions for the rules, are entirely at the discretion of the Island Clash team. They may be changed or updated at any time without notice. If you believe a staff member is abusing their role please contact @Beth about this privately.

- Spamming: Repeating the same or similar message over X amount of time.

- Excessive Caps: Sending a message(s) using an excessive amount of capital letters.

- Hackusating: Accusing someone of hacking whether they are hacking or not.

- General Rudeness: Being intentionally rude towards others.

- Arguing: Excessive arguing in public chat.

- Advertising: Youtube channels/videos. Twitch Streams not streaming Island Clash. Recruiting / mentioning other Minecraft servers.

- Mini-Modding: Enforcing rules when a staff member is present.

- Vulgar Language: Including Cursing, Rudeness, Harassment, Inappropriate / Sexual / Abusive language or behaviour.

- Threats: DDoS, DoS, Dox or death threats.

- Ghosting: Spectating to give a team that you are not a part of information which will give an unfair advantage to either islands. Player location, gear etc.

- Discrimination: Any Racist, Sexist or Homophobic insults and slander.

- Scamming: Unapproved Transactions and posting content intended to compromise accounts.

- Other Languages: Please only speak English in the Hubs, any other language on the Island is fine!
- Malicious Links: links containing inappropriate content, screamers, gore, intent to gather personal information.

Want to share the youtube video that you recorded here on island clash? Do so in 'Show Us Your Creation'.

- Abusing Glitches / bugs: Intentionally abusing a bug and or glitch for your advantage, the advantage of others or to inflict harm on others.

- Punishment Evading: Using alternate accounts to bypass a punishment. This will result in your alt being punished according to the punishment that is being bypassed. Your original punishment may be increased and please note that if you evade, this will make your chances of being unbanned very difficult.

- Inappropriate Skin / Cape / Name: Any name or skin which is sexually explicit, promotes discrimination or has inappropriate content and language.

Alt Limit:
You are only allowed a maximum of 3 accounts connected to your main account. That means you have your main account and then you can have three alt accounts. You are allowed to share alts with other players, just be aware that the account will be punished, not the player so be aware of who you give your alt account to! Going over the alt limit will get your accounts banned.

Having a hacked client on in any way is not allowed.
This includes, but not limited to;

  • Fly, Spider, Glide
  • Killaura, Aimbot, Auto Clicker
  • Auto Crits, Anti-Knockback, Regen, No-Slowdown
  • Blink, Walls, X-Ray
  • Auto-Potion, Fast eat
  • Anti-AFK (of any form even if not via hacked client), Auto Rejoin

Approved Mods:
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • Full Bright
  • Toggle Sneak/Sprint
  • Item/Armour HUD
  • LabyMod
Approved Clients:
  • Badlion client
Unapproved Mods:
  • Damage Indicators
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