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I used to play island clash way back but now the server is basically dead and it kind of ruins the gameplay. What is the reason for this? Will the server relaunch soon?


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The server is currently in pre-season we're in between seasons, there has been bugs that needed to be fixed and problems within the server that people were experiencing and we want the best experience for all players. We had to put up a poll of what people wanted and the majority wanted these bugs to be fixed and go into pre-season for season 2. I would keep an eye for updates on what is happening within the server, the server is currently up to play on and hang out on there has been a lot of progress of the developers, admins, moderators making sure the new season will be as best as it can be so you/everyone can enjoy the season! I would recommend joining our discord if you haven't already for new polls and updates! I would go HERE to see what Beth has wrote on our current updates and bugs that have been fixed during this time.

If you have any other questions feel free to PM me! Since this question has been answered I will be locking this thread.

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