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Hey there, Welcome to Meliora!

Meliora is a new island run by myself AlkaWolf & Only2Feet.
We have been a part of many big islands such as Imperium, Stronghold, Amducious, Orphic, TheBombDotCom, Morytania & Robanics.
The name, Meliora, indicates things getting/being better which is what we can hopefully achieve with your help.
We are a very war orientated island and war frequently.

-A non-toxic, safe & fun environment
-To get into the top 3
-A fully inclusive & accepting island

Please answer the following below!
Previous Islands:
Open to a PVP test:
Opinion on Sale Sal:

The only real requirement is that you have to have discord and are active. You don't have to talk in calls, just listen.

<Current Members>
Will be updated
Owners: Only2Feet, AlkaWolf & SenpaiCherry.

<Feel free to ask any questions below or send me a message on Discord! (Cherry#8042)!>
Hope to see you in the island or around the hub!
IGN: RevenantTaget
Discord: Loaf#6378
Age: 14
Previous Islands: Idk I'm pretty new, I understand the core concept of the game though, also I'm chill.
Open to a PVP test: Yeah sure, I'm normally used to 1.8.9 or lower pvp though.
Opinion on Sale Sal: SO DAMN ANNOYING, HE (or she) NEEDS TO SHUT UP.
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Hi! Thanks for applying. We would love for you to move onto the next part of the application! I'm gonna DM you some questions on discord (Nothing big, just some basic details) then add you to the discord! c:

Happy to have you on board! <3


New member
Ign: imKelios
Discord: Kelios#9516
Age: 15
Previous Islands: SoulFire, TRE, minorityslayers
Open to a PVP test: Yes
Opinion on Sale Sal: Sexy ass mf


New member
Ign: Asign
Age: 15
Previous Islands: Every single good island ever created.
Open to a PVP test: I may be the best pvper on the whole server so i will do a pvp test but i think you already know what will happen to your best pvper testing me.
Opinion on Sale Sal: Stupid Neek

To prove myself here are some teamfight videos

Also used to be Co-Leader of SoulFire so i have immense war leading skills and i will bring out the best of your island.