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There should be a new area that you can buy from wood and stone called "The Farm". In this area, you can plant and harvest plants that vary on different levels,i.e. potatoes on level 1 and carrots on level 2. These plants can be planted using a certain type of hoe by right clicking on tilled soil spaces. They can grow after a certain amount of time and then harvested. Once harvested they can be sold at the warehouse for gold, but are not used in buildings.
Personally I don't think this would work, mostly because gold is meant to be hard to get, plus this is only for a gold making process but you can grind resources and get more gold that way efficiently. Though it does seem like a good idea I just personally think it won't work as well with island clash and it's concept.
Hey, thanks for your suggestion!

Currently, last season there was a minor influx in gold and the economy. Luckily, Beth has balanced a lot of things for this upcoming season, so obtaining items with gold should not be an issue.

The slight issue was the gold economy was not changed from the previous island clash back in 2016, and island clash went through a lot of updates, and some required gold changes. In other words, its combining our current economy with 1900 prices (very cheap stuff).

So... with this being said, this will not be implemented anytime soon.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to message me.

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