Suggestion Personal house-place

I have idea for on the island everybody have own house to save things, to improve the house for the gold so that there is more space for things of course, this would not count as a war that it can be raid
I got some price for house (level per Towm Hall)
- level 1 for all 150gold , 250 wood 150 stone
- level 2 only per person 300 gold
- level 3 350 gold
- level 4 400 gold
- level 5 500 gold
I didnt know how many level on is town hall. I would also like to welcome the improvement of the A-team and players :)
Decent suggestion, however let me explain to you why this won't be implemented soon.

#1 - This is separating players from islands. The idea of Island Clash is being a team game, not an independent game.

#2 - Your island space would fill up very quickly. Although the islands are massive, this would fill up all the buildable space.

#3 - Island Banks are going to be introduced in season 2, therefore making this pretty useless.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to message me.

Content Team
#1 This is only for save items (armors, weapons)
#2 Now i have all building build and a have free 1,5 flats and for 12 players can maybe have all 5x5 house
#3 I dont know how Island Banks is works in Season 2 but is only for gold or not ?