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For every player report you make we would greatly appreciate it if you would follow the format and the requirements below. It will help the staff team to efficiently get through all the reports that are going to be submitted. Please be extra helpful and include the players' IGN in the thread title!


Name of Offender:


Requirements for reports;

- The Offender's IGN must be visible.

- Video and Screenshot evidence must not be cropped.

- Hacking offences must be in video format. We will not accept Screenshots.

- If your video is longer than 5 minutes, help us and provide time-stamps.

- Don't delete/make your evidence private. If the player appeals and you have deleted the evidence they will be unbanned.

- Where possible please have Minecraft sound as it can help with identifying certain hacks.

- The evidence cannot be more than two weeks old.

- Don’t submit more than one player offending per report. This means if you have evidence of 3 players hacking in 3 separate videos, you must make 3 individual reports.

- Only submit evidence that you have taken yourself.

- Upload video evidence to Youtube and upload screenshots via a picture sharing site such as; Imgur and Gyazo. Sending us files can be buggy so it might not work!

Your report may be denied if It doesn’t fit some / all of the criteria.

Thanks for submitting reports, we appreciate it!

Have any questions and or concerns? Feel free to message me on the forums or Discord. I’d be happy to help! Good luck!
Not open for further replies.