Season 2 Changelog

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Welcome to the FULL Season 2 changelog, listed below are all the features, bugs and issues we have fixed and added into the game. Bugs and issues also include some issues we had while adding these new features into the game. This is a long post so will be split into multiple sections, sections in the replies to this thread.

1 - Main features and poll results
2 - Smaller features categorised into island, warfare and general
3 - Bugs categorised into island, warfare and general

Warfare queue
The warfare queue now matches you against your opponent based off of several criteria. Previously you were matched against the island with the Victory points closest to yours with the highest online players. Now you still get matched within your victory points but you are matched against the island with the highest quality of fairness. To get this we take various attributes from the island and compare those to the other island.

Adds the ability to store items outside of your inventory
For more detailed information see - Update post or Wiki

Siege Workshop
Adds Barricades, Grenades, Sticky Grenades, TNT and TNT defuser
For more detailed information see - Update post or Wiki

Warcamp lets you select where you spawn at for war (as attacker), each upgrade of the warcamp allows you to select a different spawn, these are individual spawns.
More information on the Wiki
Tier 4 warcamp bank siege.png

Season Rewards
Season 1 rewards will be given out to those islands who placed in leagues with rewards to give.
Season 2 rewards -
Victory points have changed. There are now 4 brackets in each ranking compared to the 5 from season 1. Victory points have been changed from 70 points per bracket to 50 points. Meaning you will increase faster in the leagues. We also have changed the starting victory points for each island. You now start at 1600vp in silver 1. Compared to starting at 1000vp in bronze 1. This allows for a better dispersion of islands among the rankings. Which also in turn would allow for more accurate matchmaking within your VP range. Platinum league has now been changed to Emerald.
Season 2 VP boundaries graph.PNG

Cosmetics/Sir Chesterly
Sir Chesterly is your go to loot man, he holds cargo and essence capsules.
Cargo Crates come in two forms, Minor Cargo and Major cargo. These hold items that are useful to you and your island. You have a chance of gaining cargo when winning warfares, both minor and major. You can also buy cargo in the premium shop for gems. In order to open cargo you will need a cargo key. Keys are only gained through mining resources on the island and drop as fragments. Three fragments can be crafted in /loot to create a key.
More information - Update post

Essence Capsules hold all the cosmetic items that are used in /backpack, Pets, Songs and Gadgets (more to come in future seasons). Each capsule will give you two cosmetic shards which you can either craft, to create the item, or you can disenchant it to regain a % of the item cost in essence so you can craft something you actually want. Cosmetics cost essence, essence is gained from rank rewards and though disenchanting items you don't want in /loot.
More information - Update post

New help and report system

/report and /help - these commands send a report or help request to staff online. No more /g Mod there is a hacker in my warfare. Just /report player123 hacking will do nicely, staff can then easily see this and deal with the report. Got a problem with your island? Do /help and explain your problem and a staff member will be in contact!
report and help.PNG

Item Changes and balancing
Items have changed a lot this season. Every armour piece had statistics changed, damage got changed, tools got changes and as well as that we added a bunch of new items. This also enables all enchantment combinations and levels onto all items which benefit from an enchantment

New items
Building, speeds up your building by 15 minutes (minor) or 30 minutes (major)
Repair, repairs 2 buildings (minor) or all buildings (major) from damage or destruction.
Shield, gives your island a 15 minute (minor) or 30 minute (major) shield to protect you from warfare attacks
Treasure, when a player collects 5 resources, +1 gold is instantly credited to their account.
Harvest, when a player collects 5 resources, 2 resources will automatically go into the Warehouse.

Siege items
Adds, Barricades, TNT, Grenades (sticky & non-sticky) and tnt diffuser(this was a result of a #Poll) and Explosive Traps

Item changelog
There were 96 Enchanting recipes in Season 1, Now there are 368 recipes. All handcrafted and probably bugged created by yours truly. This spreadsheet goes over ALL the changes (Pricing, durability, damage) on all of the items on IC. If you are a die hard IC fan and love stats, you'll love this sheet, take a look anyway and admire all of the information!
Full Season 2 item changelog

We asked you guys what you wanted, and we did all of them as you asked, here are all the polls, the votes for each option and what we did!
24 slots - 195 votes
20 slots - 11 votes
16 slots - 56 votes
12 slots - 263 votes

We have changed the island size to 18. This is a middle ground as the votes were close.
Vanilla durability. Helmet has less then the chestplate and will therefore break before other pieces. - 26 votes

All armour has the same durability. Helmet and chestplate are equal and will break at the same time - 306 votes

We changed the durability of all armour in the same set to be equal
Same as current, damage stays the same and durability scales- 12 votes

Scale damage based on TH level. TH1 bow deals 3 damage and TH4 deals 8 damage. Durability does not scale. - 12 votes

Scale durability and damage per bow level - 182

We updated so damage and durability for bows increases per level.
Building skins are tied to the island

anyone else on your island can use that skin to update a building on that same island. You can all contribute to your groups island. However you do not keep your skin if you go to another island - 20 votes

Building skins are tied to the individual Another player cannot use your skin on the same island as you, only you can change it if you have the permissions to (Noble+). However you can keep your skin if you leave and join another island. - 189 votes

Building skins are now tied to the individual
Currently when you are at war you are able to see and talk in the /g (global) chat. Would you like this to be disabled when you are at war, so you cannot see messages from outside of your warfare server, or keep it how it is?

Yes, we want global chat in warfare - 111

No, we don't want global chat in warfare- 33

Global chat is allowed in warfare
Initially, at the start of season 2, we want to reward players from placements from previous seasons. This is similar to League of Legends elo "reset" and other games, where your placement has a small influence on the reset so everyone is not at the same elo. This is to stop power islands from gaining free VP off really bad islands at the start of the season, and pushing starting islands down simply because S1 GOLD islands are beating up on S1 BRONZE islands.

Reset all islands back to the same VP at the start of the season
- 35

Do League of Legends, Rocket League, etc. weighted resets to stop smurfing problems. The following changes would be the weighted 80% Season 2 + 20%
- 94

We went with option 2, however only islands over a certain threshold will get some extra VP. It wasn’t a whole season so we didn’t find it fair to give too much of an advantage
This could be a long fuse length for counterplay options described below.

Yes, introduce placable TNT. VOTES- 93

No. VOTES - 24

TNT was added!
This item will have a chance to FAIL and every use takes durability damage. This would allow players an option to swap to this item if players are using TNT, and also allows players to disable TNT if the active TNT threatens their cruxes in Warfare.

Yes, introduce TNT cutters. VOTES - 121

No. VOTES - 8

TNT defuser was added!
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  • Created a cooldown on island join before you can change a building skin
  • Updated the war camp to allow players to select their war spawn point, this is individual to the player
  • Scrolls - Harvest, Treasure, building, shield, repair, rename
  • Degradation has now been amplified. Bronze-Gold one damage, Emerald, two damage, Diamond, one destroy and one damage, Challenger 2 destroy, 1 damage.
  • Added ability to gain key fragments from collecting resources
  • Cave-in events have been have been buffed
  • Updates the island member limit to 18. 6 - 11 - 15 - 18. This was a result of a #Poll
  • Adds 3 new buildings, Siege Workshop, The Bank and The Wonder.
  • Put a limit on match quality, preventing extremely unfair matches, no matter how long the queue
  • Emerald+ can only war against emerald+
  • Can now break glass at war
  • Adds new warfare queue
  • Changed to staggered respawn rule
  • Adds combat logging.
  • You can now ‘refresh’ your potion timers by drinking the same type of potion when that effect is active.
  • Saying GG after war gains you 2 gold
  • Adds cap for gold gained though kills
  • Win cargo though warfare, higher chance of winning if more players are online
  • If a player leaves war their kills get removed from the score board, they have 1 minute to rejoin to regain their stats
  • Players can no longer pick up dropped items from other teams
  • Explosive traps cannot be set off by the team that placed them
  • Adds TNT that can deal damage to cruxes
  • 5 Seconds of spawn protection has been added to attackers and defenders
  • Defenders now teleport to their townhall 10 seconds before the warfare starts
  • Improved knockback
  • Improved hit detection, blame anticheat
  • Added an in-game staff chat
  • Added a /report command
  • Added a /help command
  • Added ability to create loot crates that can be opened on the island, which can open different drop tables dependant on the tier of the islands town hall level
  • Adds configuration for the NPC hub shops to be changed at will by admins which also adds the ability for time-limited shop items which can be scheduled in advance
  • All building skins were previously bound to the island, they have now been converted to be bound to the player.
  • New respawn mechanics
    • RESPAWN: After 5 seconds, the player respawns. Every player must wait 5 seconds.
    • RESPAWN_STAGGERED: After X seconds, all players, regardless of team re spawn.
    • RESPAWN_WAVE: After X seconds, all players on same team respawn, but only decrements when a player is dead.
  • Added a remove emblem/title command
  • Added the Victorious shop which sells victorious skins that are bought with Victorious points
  • You can now enchant damaged items
  • Log warfare match quality for the ability to observe how fair matches are Jarvis (moderation tool) now allows for vanish when spectating warfare
  • Adds Victorious chests and drops for rewards for islands in leagues
  • Created a script for End of season, this saves then resets VP to 1600, turns off ranked warfare and disables degradation.
  • Created a script for start of season, this kicks all players but emperors, sets vp to 1600 or at an amplified number due to previous season ranking and then locks the island ready to be unlocked by the emperor.
  • Created a script that gives out season rewards for placing in certain ranked divisions
  • Support for logging multiple statistics
  • Viktor the Victorious is a new NPC displaying league rankings among islands and holds the victorious shop.
  • Adds damage debug and information
  • Fixed issue with players not spawning in the middle of a block
  • You can now apply enchantments onto items at war
  • Adds Minor and major chesterly cargo
  • Adds essence capsules
  • Adds potion and enchantment crates
  • Victorious Chests
  • Added new custom pets and removed some older ones.
  • Cleaned the songs and added new ones
  • Cleaned the gadgets and added some new ones
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  • Changing a skin on a a building no longer negates the degradation effect
  • Damaged buildings no longer fix themselves upon island reload
  • Fixed tip for shield timer notifications
  • Inventories no longer persist between changing islands
  • Rename scrolls fix for when the island changes emperor
  • Fixed a duplication bug lol
  • Islands can no longer “lose” their emperor
  • Island role changes are now saved correctly when member is offline
  • Damaged or destroyed buildings no longer fix themselves on reload
  • Fixes issue with building progress getting reset for reskinned buildings
  • Buildings no longer go down a level when the island is unloaded when said building is being reskinned
  • Building scrolls now will work on skin changes
  • Party modifier now works correctly
  • The mine has been reworked and fixed.
  • Fixes issue with shop menus closing and opening and moving cursor.
  • Fixed incorrect feedback when buying a building skin
  • Buildings no longer break in demolish stage when no players are on the island
  • Using a building scroll on skin changes too early no longer builds an invisible building.
  • Doors and gates can be interacted with again
  • Skin changes pause when players leave the island
  • Enchanting item in inventory crafting no longer deletes both items
  • Returning from warfare no longer starts your next queue at the same place you left off
  • Warfare queue timer is now no longer a static number.

  • Players can no longer join the warfare before the server is “ready”.
  • The above also fixes an immortal player bug.
  • Townhall no longer fully disappears when all townhall crux’s are destroyed
  • Warfare scoreboard correctly updates for participants
  • No more leaf decay at war
  • If a player leaves war and rejoins you rejoin with the correct inventory
  • Strength potion display error has now been fixed and removed
  • Changed tips for warfare loadup
  • Remove spawn selector item
  • Potions and books no longer disappear at the end of a war
  • Drinking potions no longer glitch when you are looking at a block
  • Bows now fire an arrow when looking at a block
  • Island members can join warfare games in progress
  • Buildings no longer stay half built at war
  • Kill credit now works correctly,
  • The scoreboard for a spectator and player updates correctly.
  • Tnt does correct amount of damage to a crux when a tnt diffuser is used
  • Fixes damage from explosives bypassing spawn protection
  • Fixed issue where first hit in a new hotbar slot would not register.
  • No longer spawns you on the top of tier 4 townhalls at war
  • Fixed nametags and prefixes not showing in tab
  • Defenders can no longer break their own loot chests
  • Lava no longer flows at warfare
  • Tnt defusers correctly negate damage towards a crux
  • Barricades can be broken now
  • Barricades correctly show the team colour when placed
  • Fixed multiple incorrect pet lores
  • Fixed incorrect skulls on some pets

  • You are now refunded the correct amount of gems when you refund your rank.
  • Players can no longer join the island before the server is ready, no more survival islands!
  • Emblems representation is no longer shown based off of the description size.
  • Player head collector events save progress when the player leaves the hub.
  • Fixes kicked from whitelist on reconnect for staff members
  • Adds handling for kicking players off a hub restarting when it is the only hub available
  • Explore menu now shows the correct townhall level
  • Global chat no longer has a delay
  • Fixes menu/inventory item movement.
  • Skill experience levelling has been removed
  • Fixed issue with not being able to place a cargo crate when you have 0 left in your stats
  • Picking up an item stack of a crafting item only gives one drop/currency
  • Removed permissions from the moderator role
  • When islands are rebooted by admins+ players are no longer kicked from the server after joining the hub
  • Fixed issues with add/remove/set currency commands
  • /league displays what it should
  • Ranks no longer expire if you purchase a perm rank when you already have a time limited rank.
  • Updates cargo crate message to include correct NPC name
  • Removed unwanted interactions with blocks on the hub and on the island
  • League standings no longer show islands in multiple different divisions
  • Jarvis (moderation tool) can now be used in war and on an island
  • Jarvis (Moderation tool) mute message now displays the reason correctly
  • Spectating islands and warfares has now been fixed on Jarvis
  • Can no longer infinitely dissolve cosmetic loot
  • Items no longer break due to taking vanilla durability once their custom durability is at 0
  • You can now message people cross server
  • The wonder no longer appears as a huge sponge blob at war
  • Changes feedback to show correct hub NPC
  • Fixes improper usage of currency gains/losses in player feedback messages.
  • You can now Q, ctrl+Q drop items from your inventory
  • Fixed issue with sale sal showing too many rows.
  • Stops Gadgets placing inside of each other
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