Season 2 IslandClash Tier List

Tier 1: SoulFire, Invictus
Tier 2: AK47 (IF THEY COME BACK), Hydra
Tier 3: Clowns, TeenMom (lol who??), WolfForce (2drippy), Pakistan
Tier 4: Wovven, Ascendants
Tier 5: DarkBlood, Order of the Red Son
Tier 6: any other dogshit island we could not remember lol unlucky i guess
tier 0 me i am boss raid island.
i changed list at 12:44 am est 11/5/2020

updated again LOL you guys need to untilt by playing something else honest to god you guys are all so so so bad please quit also teenmom quit because they do not know how to stay on a server for more than 3 days it's why their main server died and they are a group of people who are not friends!!! unlucky i guess!! LOL !!!