War Mechanics

As with any guide this thread is subject to change:
This is the breakdown of the war system in 5 parts:

War can be split up into 3 parts: Stars and Resources and Chat

Matching: the matching system takes into account both the current victory points and town hall level of either side, and so will match your island with others of your standard to help balance out the game.

Requesting: As far as I know an island is able to request a war with another as long as the other island is loaded and there is a player online. However, there are some cases in which the war is requested but is denied as there is no one on the other island, as their online members are probably in a lobby or spectating a war.

Preparation: Once a war is successfully requested the two teams get a minute on thier own islands to prepare for it, buying equipment and enchants or putting resources in the warehouse or just carry on mining/chopping, however within the minute both islands are unable to start upgrading anything and any upgrades are halted.


there are 3 stars in each war:
K/D ratio (defenders win it if it is a tie)
50% of structures destroyed*
100% of structures destroyed

Destroying structures:There are 4 destructible structures: Mine, Logging Camp, Warehouse, and Town Hall. Each have health bars displayed to both the attacking team and the defending team.

*note that this is based from the number of sections of health, from the each health bar, have been taken off to the ones still remaining, so even if the town hall is destroyed, with double the health of buildings of the same level, 50% destruction is still not reached, as another half of a building must be destroyed. This also means that this star requires no buildings to be fully destroyed, although that is very likely, as long as all the buildings are on half the health they started with.

Resources are almost always the main objective of wars. They are spread across the destructible structures in the form of Loot chests (chests with a name tag of Loot)
and are roughly spread as such: 66% wood in Logging camp, 66% stone in Mine, the rest of both wood and stone in the Warehouse, with the town hall having no loot chests.
The resources lost from an island due to war is around 10% of whatever resources they had, however the difference in town hall levels between the two sides can change this by about 5% each way. This only counts the resources in the warehouse, not those in the players inventory when going to war.

Chatting normally will only display the message to your teammates, and is shown by the [team] at the start of the message once put in chat
To chat to the other team during war use ! at the start of a message, this is shown by a blue or red square at the start of the message once put in chat.

Joining mid-game:
If a player joins mid game then they are not coloured red or blue in the tab list, and have no [atk] or [def] next to their name. If unsure of which side they are on then go to the chat message showing that they have joined, the name will still be in white (or green if chief) but will be followed by "have joined the game" in red or blue, indicating which side they are on. (red for attack, blue for defense)

When someone drinks a strength potion there will be a white system message in chat. To the drinker and his teammates it will look like :

Success = True
onEffect()total_damage_amp = 0.1

While to the other team in the war it will just be: onEffect()total_damage_amp = 0.1

Once the strength effect has expired there will be another to all players in the war: onExpire()total_damage_amp = 0.0

Take note that system messages only occur when drinking strength potions, as strength has been modified by the server (like armour, weapons and enchants), all other potions have no system messages and add effects exactly the same as vanilla minecraft.

Destroying buildings give NO resources, only breaking loot chests.

End of war:

At the end, the total gold is calculated for each player, and the resources stolen is also added up. Gold is calculated by player k/d ratio, the outcome of the war (win or loose), the ranks involved in the war (Chiefs give +2 gold to everyone, stackable), and finally the MVP bonus gives +5 gold to the best player on the winning team (decided by k/d). Kills give 2-3 gold each, whilst deaths loose you 1/3 of a gold each (min loss of 1 gold, rounded up)

Victory Points:
These decide your ranking at the end of each season and are awarded based on the outcome of the war. "in season 1 the normal amount of vp was 8 per win, idk what it will be next season" - Thijz 2020

After a war all players in it are transported to the hub, from there both islands must be loaded again for players to join. Once the island is loaded a shield will be given to both islands. The attacking island gets a 3 minute shield no matter what, the defending island get a 12 minute shield if the war was won, 24 if they lost. Shield is only used up when someone is on the island, not just when the island is loaded. Once loaded, the upgrades continue from where they left off.

Degradation and repair:
In Season 1, a damage status was applied to one building if 50% of your structures were damaged (ie. the attackers got the 50% destruction star), the building is random and includes those even without health bars in war. If the same structure was damaged in war again, then it would be degraded loosing 1 level, if that structure was the town hall, all structures on the same level as the town hall would be degraded.

Repair prevents degradation, by spending resources on the building, the damage status is removed and so the building can no longer be degraded, but can be damaged again, and then degraded. The repair is instant, and the repair cost is influenced by the building cost (this includes which building it is and its level so an alchemists level 4 would take many more resources to repair than a tower level 1) with an upper limit of 300 of each resource.

Note that in the Pre-Season Update Beth posted degradation was meant to change according to league, so the more victory points, the more the island needs repairing after each war.

Please comment any inaccuracies where needed especially in degradation and repair, and victory points as I only have second hand knowledge and matching/requesting in Pre-War as I am unsure of the specifics.
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