War Strategies

As with any guide this thread is subject to change:
For context please read the thread I posted titled "War Mechanics"

Since resources in an inventory are not counted, try to keep as many as possible in every player, each players inventory can hold 2000 of a resource and still have armour and weapons to fight (only 4 slots are left so a sword, clock, 1 stack of arrows and a tool you were using, with armour equipped and bow in the off-hand). Because of the maximum of 2k, this method doesn't work for town halls 3 and 4, especially 4, as the upgrades are too expensive. However this 2k limit only accounts for 1 tool, and with low leveled tools, I know that many would prefer to have multiple to minimise time trying to buy more, so I see it as an absolute limit.
Also, the tool should be preferably an axe to help break loot chests quicker.

Buying equipment:
Gold for equipment is really important especially during the season when everyone is attacking. As such most would want either the cheapest upkeep equipment if they are low on gold or the best equipment if they have some to spare. With the best equipment being obvious, as it is simply the highest level equipment, I thought I should focus on the cost of a piece of equipment per durability for each tier of it:

Bows: they are the easiest to deduce, with double the durability for 50 gold more, the most expensive is easily the best for durability to cost, and according to Beth's Pre-Season Update, bows will also get a damage boost based on tier, meaning that the Enhanced bow is also the best bow for damage.

Arrows: like bows, they also reduce in cost per tier, so the cheapest is easily the 40 gold for 64 arrows, rather than the 15 gold for 16.

Swords: as with all tools, diamond swords have the best durability to price, with stone having the second best.

Armour: armour have different durability than tools, meaning that diamond is no longer the most cost efficient. Instead it is chainmail armour, and it more than 2x more cost efficient than diamond. Here is the durability per gold for each peice and tier (I have highlighted any inconsistencies in each tier, but generally it goes Chain, Leather, Iron, Diamond):

Helmet - 2.8
Chestplate - 1.62
Leggings - 2.17
Boots - 4.4

Helmet - 3.7
Chestplate - 2.15
Leggings - 3.36
Boots - 5.24

Helmet - 2.08
Chestplate - 1.66
Leggings - 2.15
Boots - 2.8

Helmet - 1.38
Chestplate - 1.28
Leggings - 1.58
Boots - 1.74

This will be updated at a later date once season 2 comes out with enchant and price changes, because currently unbreaking and protection are not worth it. Just keep in mind that only unbreaking could be worth it to save gold, all the others are to help you win in pvp, so if you have enough gold, get some, otherwise just don't bother with these. But also, if you are enchanting gear, unbreaking will be worth much more due to the extra gold price spent on the equipment.

In War: (completely my own opinion)
Attacking: go for the mine first, as it is the furthest away, from the defenders spawn point,the town hall, and it is the closest structure with resources for 2 of the 4 attacking spawn points, (the ones on the other side of the river from the town hall), next go for the logging camp, as it is close to an attacking spawn point and still far away from the defending one, then the warehouse and finally town hall, as it is the hardest to take down and gives no resources.

If solo-attacking:
know that if you aren't winning on k/d you will never be able to win in 8 minutes because buildings have too much health, so only go for loot chests, try to bounce around each structure. When in a 2 or 3 vs 1 try to not waste time on pvp, as most people will most likely loose on their k/d ratio, and there may not be enough time to grab all the loot chests if the defense are guarding them well.
Go for mining first to draw defenders away and get some nice stone, but don't loot it all as it will take too much time before the defenders arrive, just before they do, dip from the mine and head for the logging camp, trying not to be seen. Once at the logging camp start upstairs so that you end your looting outside where you normally chop wood, then jump over the fence whist the defenders are trying to get into the logging camp through the doors and go to the warehouse. This is most likely where you will die as the defenders are quite close, but just raid as much as you can.

There are some major flaws in this plan as most of you can see. If you can't do this then just attack which ever building holding resources is closer to you, but if you spawn by the sea try to go around and enter the logging camp from the back (jump on the fence at the back and walk around on it to get in). Also, once you are in the logging camp then you can just continue the plan from there, as the easiest entrance/exit is the door, yet you are close to the exit on the other side when you go in, so it is easy for a quick escape to the warehouse.

Defending (mainly for resources): if your players outnumber the attacking team then:

2 vs 1: if you see the opponent, just chase after them, and shoot at them, if not, hang around the warehouse/logging camp if you have wood, if you have no wood, then protect the mine to save most of your stone.

3 vs 1: similar to 2 vs 1, but keep the third person at the mine and have them tell others as soon as he sees the attacker approaching (like a scout), if you don't have wood then keep 1 at logging/warehouse and do the same.

4+ vs 1: no strategy needed

3 vs 2: keep 1 at logging/warehouse and 1 at mine, and let 1 drift between the 2 places to help out in pvp at either. Then again, if they are focusing the mine or warehouse/logging camp, then the spare player can join in too.

4 vs 2: have 2 people between the two places instead of 1, that way it will always be a 3 vs 2 at either place.

5+ vs 2: no strategy needed

If it is a massive war then just have 2 mine, 2 log/warehouse and the rest in between, perhaps some at the town hall, but if it is really big then there will be so many deaths on both sides that the town hall is protected by those just re-spawned, so there is no need.
Also, town hall protection isn't necessary for smaller wars either as the time it takes to go down is much longer than other buildings, so if the attackers want to, let them, as it gives them nothing apart from being closer to getting a star, but they still need to half take down another building to get it, as they have only done 40% destruction across the 4 buildings. Although, if all the attackers are at the town hall, just go after them, as it just makes their lives harder and wastes their attack time, but still make protecting the town hall your secondary objective.

If you are outnumbered and defending, just put all of your team on the warehouse and logging camp and stay there, as it is so easy to get loot for the attackers as soon as they are in a building, so you wouldn't want to go after people once they have started raiding because once you get there, all the loot will most likely be gone. Also, as mentioned before, the mine is too far away from the defender's spawn point and the town hall is basically irrelevant.


This paragraph could be seen as a part of the War section but I decided to put it in here as I referenced the Shield in the Post-War section as part of my "War Mechanics" thread:

As said previously, the defenders shield is dependent on the outcome of the war, win means a 12 minute shield, whilst loosing gives a 24 minute one, so if you want a longer shield, you may wish to forfeit 25 gold win bonus, to have a final uninterrupted push for resources to upgrade something, or maybe the 25 gold doesn't matter to you and you would just prefer a longer shield. Often, all you have to do to get the longer shield is to die once or twice, then the attackers get the k/d ratio star, and they probably already have 50% destruction star, and they win, giving a 24 minute shield to your island, which is really useful if other islands know that you have lots of resources, or are just constantly attacking you. Although you will loose victory points, with an upgrade, it will be easier for you to gain more quickly (although it completely depends on which building you are upgrading). Also, with a longer shield, you no longer have to spend quite so many resources on repair as wars are less frequent, and you have more time to repair as well.

That brings me on to the final point: Repair everything between wars, as repair is instant and costs little resources compared to upgrading it again. If you are worried about being unable to repair due to an upgrade in progression, you can finish the upgrade by loading up the island, then going to the lobby to prevent war on your island, and since shields only go down when members are on your island and upgrades work as long as the island is loaded, you can prevent war before your upgrade is finished, although you are unable to get other resources.
Another way is to constantly war, although this tactic is slower as upgrades don't work when you are in the 60 seconds preparing for war, this gives resources as long as you have at least 2 people, or one fully equipped person, and no one can attack your island as you get a 3 minute shield after each war, so you can attack first as long as you do it in those 3 minutes. However this requires for at least 3 other islands to be on and for the defenders to preferably win every attack (for the 12 min shield rather than 24 min one) to ensure that you can always attack, although if you have no one to attack it is most likely that other islands would not waste their shield to attack you unless for revenge.
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